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The Canadian cluster of manufacturing and outsourcing pharmaceutical and health products.




Pharmed Canada is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the development of the manufacturers and subcontractors in the value chain of the health industry.



Pharmed Canada is a health industry manufacturing and R&D outsourcing network. We bring together manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, as well as analysis laboratories, clinical research firms, dermo-cosmetics firms, specialized services firms, the suppliers and distributors of medical devices and personal healthcare products.


Pharmed Canada promotes its members and addresses their outsourcing and subcontracting needs. For SMEs and large companies specialized in development, manufacturing and marketing of pharma and healthcare products, our expert advice on growth strategies is a key to reach new heights.


Pharmed believes in the benefit of partnerships and resource sharing and it aims to create networking opportunities to facilitate the development of its members. Our commitment is to ensure that this essential sector of the healthcare industry has its voice heard.


Facilitate business development of its members.
Support export of products and services.
Promote expertise and services to buyers.
Improve expertise and business practices.
Promote innovation of R&D and supply chain.
Bring together local and international players and represent their interests.


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